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Brutal Assault 2018

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Ya hay algo de info:

BA 2018 dates announced, early bird tickets up for sale and the first batch of bands revealed! published 1 week, 4 days ago

After the last year, that was for the first time in history sold out in pre-sale, we now bring you early bird tickets for Brutal Assault 2018! The festival will be held between 8th and 11th August 2018 again in the fortress Josefov.

The first wave of PRINT @ HOME tickets is on sale until the end of April 2018. Please order at our new eshop

We are happy to welcome Swedish classics AT THE GATES – who spawned melodic death metal, influenced metalcore and went ahead of their time with the all-time classic record Slaughter of the Soul. Confirmed is also demonic Hellenic death metal of DEAD CONGREGATION, who themselves have also re-defined blasphemous death metal stemming from the depths of netherworld with their instant-classic debut record Graves of the Archangels. Ever since they’ve stayed loyal to the subgenre they helped to revive and belong among the most essential bands death metal has to offer these days.

SADISTIC INTENT set their path to be classical styled underground death metal around 30 years ago, when it was not yet coined what will be in the future regarded as so and they never strayed from this path. They kept low profile and swore their oath to the underground and we now have the great pleasure to welcome them at BA for the first time ever! After years we will welcome back legendary Dutch act PESTILENCE. Tech death metal pioneers who left significant mark on extreme metal scene promised to play mostly all-time classics.

MISERY INDEX on the other hand never shied away from mixing death metal up with grindcore and helluva dose of adrenalin and they will present their juiced-to-the-tits style at BA again! Returning to our festival are also THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, who are drawing on melodic and metalcore elements and combining them in a powerful and energic death metal blend. And for the first time ever you will have the chance to experience uncompromising dirt-laden violence hardcore grind of their fellow Americans NAILS. Equally uncompromising will be also British act KUROKUMA, who are ready to blow brains wide open with a vicious sludge sound.

The genre of doom metal will also be represented by guardians of the old ways NOVEMBERS DOOM from the US and on the other hand purveyors of progress and experiments OBSCURE SPHINX from Poland. Progressive and reflective attitude to composing will also be showcased by Emperor frontman IHSAHN with his solo project.

As for black metal, even here we managed to get representatives of the ultra-orthodox school in CARPATHIAN FOREST and on the other hand we’ll host agents of melodic Portland scene with members of Agalloch, Uada and Maestus with their new project PILLORIAN. Beyond that we’re also gonna have WHOREDOM RIFE out of Nidaros, Norway, who are firmly rooted in classical second wave black metal of the early 90’s. However, beyond that they also manage to bring in their distinctive style of eerie melodies and massive amounts of charisma, especially in their frontman K.R. Geared to battle with this combination of elements in conjunction with their strictly underground integrity they might be able to become the banner bearers for the genre known as true Norwegian black metal.

The out of ordinary icing on the metal cake will have form of retro-futuristic electronica produced by French half-man, half-synthesizer PERTURBATOR, who took both metal and electronic scene by storm with his peculiar dark synths paying homage to the 80’s and aesthetics stemming not only from movies of the period but also from metal-specific approaches.
Últimos añadidos:
New bands announcement! Wardruna, Converge, Tormentor, Ingested published 3 days, 23 hours ago

WARDRUNA is a Norwegian music group founded by Einar Kvitrafn Selvik that first enchanted their listeners with their mesmerizing debut album gap var Ginnunga in 2009, which also marked the first part of the planned Runaljod trilogy. In the ensuing years the group have spent a lot of time on adapting their music to a live format and establishing a live band. This resulting in a handful of very special concerts, perhaps most notably when they performed in front of the majestic 1100-year-old Gokstad ship at the Viking Ship Museum in Norway.

With the use of the oldest of Nordic instruments and poetic metres as well as lyrics written in Norwegian, Old Norse and Proto-Norse tongue, Wardruna manages to make ​​a strikingly beautiful and intense continuation of old northern musical traditions. Indeed WARDRUNA primarily use old and historical instruments such as primitive deer-hide frame drums, Kraviklyra, tagelharpe, mouth harp, goat horn, lur and more. Non-traditional instruments and other sources of sound like trees, rocks, water and torches are also used. All of these elements are carefully woven into a rich musical landscape and complemented with whispering voices, melodic song and mighty choirs. Although WARDRUNA's music share characteristics with music typically labeled as folk, world and/or ambient, none of these genres can really describe their unique style. It truly must be experienced and you will have the unique opportunity at Brutal Assault 2018!

With great pleasure we can announce that TORMENTOR will return from the dead after 20 years of silence to play BA 2018! Formed in Budapest in 1985, TORMENTOR is the one the best kept secrets in black metal. Possibly not that many fans of the 2nd wave of black metal bands (especially from Norway) can appreciate the immense influnce that TORMENTOR had on their output. The iconic debut album, Anno Domini together with the Seventh Day of Doom demo are some of the most influential releases in black metal with profound impact on acts like Mayhem, Dissection, Nifelheim, Immortal, Darkthrone or Emperor.

Even though Anno Domini was recorded in 1988, due to problems caused by the communist regime, it took many years to formally release it. The influence had to be spread via undergroud tape trading which kept TORMENTOR under the radar for some, however nowadays the musical legacy of TORMENTOR can firmly be placed amongst other pioneering acts such as Bathory, Sarcofago or Celtic Frost.

After TORMENTOR's early demise in 1991 the band's charismatic singer Attila was invited to join Mayhem to record his innovative vocal lines for the timeless classic De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas and kept busy with the band whilst also pursuing numerous other artistic projects, while the guitarist Tamás Buday is active with Swedish masters of black thrash Nifelheim. That means you don't have to be worried about rusty skills as the bands will be appearing in the classic line-up.

Another renowned musical prophets, this time bending, expanding and fusing hardcore and metalcore will return to BA... ladies and gentlemen, prepare for CONVERGE! These Boston-based heavy-music innovators will release a new album this November after 5 years of silence. The album tittled The Dusk In Us shows the band’s artistic evolution and avant-garde sensibilities while still capturing their classic sound. After forming in Massachusetts in 1990, CONVERGE made their debut with 1994’s Halo in a Haystack. Quickly regarded as pioneers within the aggressive music arena, the band had a major breakthrough with their landmark album Jane Doe—a 2001 release praised as iconic by the countless followers of the CONVERGE cult.

The last band on our list for today are disseminators of sickness from Manchaster INGESTED, who are currently signed to the leading label in their genre of technical brutal death metal - Unique Leader records.
A ver cómo va la cosa.

IrrisarriLand BikePark

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Mi hermano me decía ayer que le gustaría ir este sábado por la tarde:

Está preguntando horarios y ya veremos el tiempo que hace.
P.D: A ver con mi bici: 

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Energy Observer

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Ayer nos avisaron de que llegó a Donosti:

The first hydrogen vessel around the world

Energy Observer is the first vessel in the world able to produce its own hydrogen on board, from sea water, without greenhouse gas emissions. It is a real experimental platform which will carry out an unprecedented world tour using energies of the future, in order to test these technologies in extreme environments, and thus enable their implementation throughout the entire planet.

Testing these technologies outside of laboratories...

Ultimate clean energy and energy of the future, hydrogen is at the heart of the Energy Observer project. For the first time, we will be able to produce it aboard the ship from the electrolysis of sea water, thanks to energy coupling. More than a vessel, Energy Observer will be the laboratory of this new energy model. Demonstrating the efficiency and performance of our complete hydrogen chain in hostile marine environments, will all the more validate its application on land, and allow its development on other large scale applications; maritime or terrestrial, mobile or stationary.

As a vessel of the future made in France, Energy Observer’s goal is to inspire businesses, communities, states, and citizens by proving that a cleaner future is possible through technological innovations.

An Odyssey for the Future

Energy Observer has given itself the mission to prove that an environmentally friendly future is possible by pro-actively designing it. Thanks to an incredible odyssey around the world, the crew will question the nature of tomorrow's world: how will we transport ourselves? Feed ourselves? Build our homes? Work? Inform ourselves? And not only in 100 or 50 years, but in 15, 10, or 6 years... or even tomorrow. The future begins now- and it is up to us to lead it down the right path.

A XXI century Calypso, at the service of solutions

Alors que la plupart des grandes expéditions historiques ont eu pour but de conquérir les territoires et s’en approprier les richesses, Energy Observer s’apprête à entamer une expédition d’un genre nouveau : partir pour découvrir les Hommes et partager les savoirs. Une Odyssée pour connecter les solutions aux problèmes, valoriser plutôt que de dénoncer, encourager au lieu de culpabiliser. L'aventure sera partagée en temps réel, avec des contenus exclusifs et innovants, à la manière d’une véritable Calypso du futur. Le quotidien de l’équipage, les prouesses technologiques du bateau, les escales, mais aussi des contenus innovants sur la vie de l'Homme sur Terre et sur la nécessité de la préserver.

Notre mission
1) To test, experience, and optimise the embarked technologies in extreme environments in order to later enable their implementation on land.

2) To locate sustainable solutions, and to participate in their deployment.

3) To prove to the general public, local communities, and businesses that energy transition is possible.
Emblematic locations
Capital cities that are already engaged in the energy transition, islands which are completely energetically autonomous, or economically booming cities.

Challenging locations
Threatened ecosystems, centres of political importance, economic capitals.

Large international events
COP, boat shows, trade shows on new applied technologies for sustainable development.

Places in need of protection
UNESCO World Heritage Sites, places threatened to disappear, nature reserves.
The vessel

A former race boat, this outstanding competitor is about to open a new path: that of autonomous navigation with hydrogen. For the architects, engineers, and navigators involved the challenge is to aim for self-reliance through energy coupling and the carbon-free production of hydrogen from sea water.

"Energy observer is a two-way conversion process: to recycle a lightweight and reliable racing catamaran, an around the world record holder, to allow an investment in research and development, rather than in composite."
Victorien Erussard.
The vessel

Built in Canada in 1983 by the naval architect Nigel Irens, under the supervision of the navigator Mike Birch, it is the maxi-catamaran that decisively marked the evolution of multihulls.
Originally 24,38 metres long, it has been extended four times, and now measures up to 30,5 metres long and 12,80 metres wide.

After a lenghty competitive career under the names, Formule TAG, TAG Heuer, Enza New Zealand, Royal & SunAlliance, Team Legato or Daedaleus it is now getting ready to return as Energy Observer and open a new path: that of autonomous navigation powered by hydrogen.

A ver si puedo verlo hoy.

Edit: Hasta mañana:

Edit: Esta tarde he estado hablando con uno de los miembros de la tripulación y me ha dicho que:
-Se marchan el domingo a las 15:00.
-Vienen de Saint Malo.
-Pararán un par de meses en Mónaco para trabajar en el barco.
-Vuelven por el sur del mediterráneo.
-Desde Saint Malo, volverán a partir hacia el norte.
-Finalmente, vuelta al mundo.

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Vía Gokyo en el Faro de la Plata de Pasajes en San Pedro

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Ayer estuvimos buceando en el Seno (aprovechando el huequito que nos han permitido el tiempo y la mar este finde) y vimos algo curioso al salir: 

Sí, se trata de una línea de escaladores de noche con sus frontales en la vía Gokyo. He encontrado bastante info: 


Estuvo chulo!

Actualización a 24/09/2017: Hoy nos hemos puesto un poco con el tema de la escalada en pared que teníamos pendiente hace tiempo: